Jack – also known as F17 of Gray Fox – always builds the best blasters. The newest incarnation of his NSW HK416D replica is no different. It pays homage to a total rock star: @slayderaider

Slayde shared this pic on Instagram back in June, showing his service rifle with a Midwest Industries M-LOK handguard. Needless to say, it inspired Jack.

Jack says:

Seeing the photo of Slade in Vans and woodland shorts grabbed my attention. Upon a closer look I could see he was using the MI rail, not as commonly seen because the Remington RAHG won the rail contract. Reading through his posts you’ll see multiple people asking about looking cool. Whilst he undisputedly does look cool, he’s always retorted with words to the effect of: “Everything is done for a purpose.” I haven’t spoken to him about the rail swap, but there’s several comments about the team guys tweaking parts on the 416 to make it run better. For example…

Jack is very much a guru of his own art, as anyone who knows his well informed, resourceful and uncompromising style will attest.

I asked Jack what the hardest part of this build was. He says:

RS parts are always a pain to source, but its what makes a build more interesting. It’s too easy to slap a bunch of replica parts on a build. Where’s the challenge in that?

He credits two of the main guys in Gray Fox for switching him on to quality kit and builds, team mates @gf_foxone and @gf_03. To be fair, the culture of Gray Fox’s much missed private forum is what got me started on a similar (if less accomplished) road myself.

This build is not the first of Jack’s I’ve featured, but we are planning to bring readers more.

And yes – that’s a real Remington RAHG.

Enjoy the pics of this excellent build. A parts list follows. Read it and weep 🙂

Parts List

  • SGT HK416D Systema PTW
  • Genuine HK416D Upper – converted for PTW
  • Genuine Midwest Industries HK416 M-LOK Handguard
  • Genuine HK416 Barrel Nut
  • Genuine HK416 Gas Block
  • Genuine PRI Charging Handle
  • Genuine HK416 Buffer tube
  • Genuine HK416 Rear Sling Mount
  • Genuine HK416 Mag Catch
  • Genuine Colt Castle Nut (placeholder)
  • Genuine Magpul CTR stock
  • Genuine Hogue Grip
  • Genuine Nightforce Navspec 2.5-10×24
  • Genuine NF Ultralite rings
  • Genuine LA5
  • Genuine Magpul Emag
  • PTS Can
  • Aimpoint T1 on offset mount (placeholders)


Post Script

And how humbling is this?