It’s a rare thing to be able to look at how an individual trooper’s L119A2 evolves, but we’ve got that opportunity today thanks to Frag Out Magazine and Platatac.

The following image appeared on Frag Out’s Facebook page and I was tipped off to it by L119 Owners Club guru Andy J.

Apparently the pic originated from Platatac. It shows what is implied to be Obi Wan Nairobi, wearing one of Platatac’s tribute patches.

I wrote recently about Obi Wan’s L119A2:

With so many non-standard items in use, this L119A2 could well be the work of someone who enjoys experimenting; both keenly interested in gear and finding an ergonomic formulation which suits them best.

I think this new pic very much underlines the point I was trying to make.

It’s a mere nine months since the Nairobi incident. We cannot be sure when the Platatac pic was taken, but it shows how Obi Wan’s L119A2 setup has evolved – and (perhaps crucially) how it’s stayed the same.

As far as this pic is concerned the keepers are:

On the flip side the obvious changes are:

  • Flip cap (or IR filter) removed
  • Surefire clicky end cap installed on light
  • Dual LA5/light switch removed
  • Standard LA5 switch installed (implied by jack)
  • Different profile charging handle latch (or entire charging handle assembly)
Nairobi pic: flip cap (or IR filter) and end cap for remote switch; dual switch on top of rail
Platatac pic: flip cap (or IR filter) removed, dual switch removed; clicky end cap installed
Platatac pic: what looks like a standard LA5 jack installed which implies standard switch
Nairobi pic: charging handle latch is shortened and rounded off
Platatac pic: different latch or entire charging handle assembly

Obi Wan Nairobi’s Crye G4 Combat Pants and Velocity Systems Boss Rugby Shirt

If a picture speaks a thousand words, an annotated picture speaks at least 1001.

While the G4 Combat Pants are no surprise at all, the shirt is.

Read my review of Crye’s awesome G4 Combat Pants here.

Big thanks to John, Matt and Jay for A2 soundings. We did the research separately but concurred on the results.

Big thanks again to John, for his work helping to ID the G4 Combat Pants.

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