Back in 2013 when this article was originally published, this is the one build above all others which almost put me off doing my very first mil build. I just felt I could not compete with it.

However, over the years this blaster became something to aim for. Intimidation turned to inspiration, and Jack – F17 of Gray Fox – is still very much inspiring me with his knowledge and eye for detail; not to mention the intensity and care he puts into researching his builds and sourcing the parts.

Photo credit Guy Butler Photography

Central to Jack’s doctrine is that if the original, correct RS part will fit a Systema PTW – and very few platforms rival the PTW for RS parts compatibility – he will track it down and use it.

I hope to feature some of his newer builds soon. Until then, here’s a snapshot of Jack’s Block II CQBR nearly six years ago, in July 2013.

First, a couple of pics from the day Jack’s build arrived from Tackleberry:

So what was the motivation?

It basically stemmed from a love of SEALS impressions (2004 to present) and I have always used a CQBR. Many other rifles have been in my hands – MK12, M4A1, HK416 and even a MK11 which was taller than me! However due to my style of play I feel that I’m most comfortable with a shorter rifle.

Since joining Gray Fox, my eye for detail has sharpened and now only the best will do. This was pushed along when I sourced Gen3 Nods and an IR laser/illuminator.

Some of the the reference pics which were used for inspiration:

A few month after the initial iteration of this build, Jack added an RS converted Ergo grip. The lower had also been Kryloned – for that dropped in upper look – and a unicorn LBT two point AOR1 sling was in use.

Next, an Elcan and Hogue grip were added. The Hogue grip again an RS conversion. The Elcan was short-lived, however.

Of the Hogue grip, Jack says,

I love it and very much doubt I’ll change to another.

Here’s how the blaster looks right now:

I decided to add the Surefire Scout (FDE, of course) to the fray due to its IR capabilities and whilst the issued SU233 (rare as rocking horse shit) was lovely, the incandescent head with filter was not enough for me. The power output was not great. LEDs win every time…despite their red glow. I keep the Scout on the left side now, as I did with the SU233. I streamlined a wee bit and removed the dual switch so I could hold the rifle more comfortably. The KM2 head seems to interfere with the rail, due to its fatter head. Thus, it has to sit off the rail.

The G23 with newer STS mount was also added. I dislike the look of the newer G33 to be frank – bulky and ugly and not my thing. Having the G23 too far back and eliminating the BUIS causes problems with the charging handle – so the KAC 600m had to stay.

Never satisfied, Jack told me what was next:

Fit RS KAC NT4 flash hider and custom CNC stainless barrel. Orga inner barrel, not because I need it…but because I fancy trying it.

Parts List

Prime Colt Lower
G&P KAC Can*
Forged Upper Receiver
Hogue Pistol Grip
KAC 300m Rear BUIS
BCM Charging Handle
Daniel Defense MK18 RIS II FDE
Tango Down ITI Grip
CQD Front Sling Mount
CQD Rear Sling Mount
LMT Buffer Tube
LBT 2626A AOR1 Garmin Pouch + 101 Foretrex
Eotech 553 FDE
Eotech G23 3X Magnifier
Surefire Scout and KM2 head FDE.
Magpul P-Mags FDE.


And the last word from Jack:

I’ve not really included any PTW info, due to the fact that the gun has never failed me and I can’t be bothered to hear opinions on what gun am bestest.

Well said.

Photo credit Guy Butler Photography

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