Words: Rich Norman

One of the things I love about analysing in the wild blaster pics is the subtlety.

In the pic above, there’s a Block I blaster on the far right of the pic. In use – contemporaneously – with some Block II boom sticks.

We’ve also got a range of optics, lights and stocks; including a conspicuously new looking Magpul ACS.

A little Magpul goes a long way in my book, but I’m certainly not one of those Fagpul bullshit naysayers who are opposed to it. And nor, it seems, are USSOF. Magpul makes products which are affordable, robust, great quality and which simply work. Like Crye, there is always plenty of Magpul to be seen in the wild.

Some connection between intelligent design and combat applications, maybe?

For me, however, the really interesting thing is the mix of forward sling points…including the blaster second from left, which has two. Someone perhaps not quite sure about keeping what looks like a newly installed 45 degree offset Magpul RSA QD?

The funny thing is, it’s only that blaster which features the ‘Block II by numbers’ CQD forward sling mount. The other two blasters with visible forward sling mounts feature Viking Tactics and Daniel Defense versions (and the latter is mounted upside down).

Also check out the middle blaster’s receiver end plate – the one with the VTAC forward sling mount. Not another ‘by the numbers’ rear mount, but a very easy to install Tactical Link polymer sling point.

Here’s another one:


This sort of nuance is out there and is ready to be combined in a blaster impression. Within the framework, elements can be tailored to suit user requirements. It’s just a case of choosing what works best for you.

This is the SOPMOD programme after all – where the P stands for peculiar.

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