Words: Rich Norman

Many see the KAC 97098 Forward Pistol Grip as the quintessential vert grip. Issued with the SOPMOD Block I increment, it is an icon.

It’s also an original; its slim profile and tool-free attachment method marking it out from the VFGs which succeeded it – and to a certain extent supplanted it.

But it’s not game over for this classic American design. Classic is timeless, after all. And it appears to be enjoying something of a rennaissance.


The guy front right is utilising a 97098 and as you can see, those are bang up to date tan blasters.

So, there’s still a preference out there for the 97098 despite its age and despite the market teeming with options. Saying that, I’d wager that if readers looked hard enough, they’d probably find an old discarded 97098 in their spares box.

Give it another go. After a few years of trying fat, ovoid, long, stubby, angled and ‘ergonomic’, you may find the 97098 is actually pretty comfortable.

Needless to say, a few other pics have caught my eye; I’m not basing this kind of blog on one instance.

None of these pics are super-old, as you can judge from the accessories:


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