As many readers will know, CAG is at the very tip of the Realsim movement’s spear. Fantastic first hand review from Milsim Mike:


Operation Red Dawn

First person account of Combat Airsoft Groups latest Milsim event

So where to begin! The build up to operation red dawn was in the usual CAG style, clouded in mystery with an air of nervous anticipation. Knowing that red dawn was far from the last outing at the now ledgendary Operation Eagle Fury close quarter environment, the field of battle would this time be in a rural environment and only heightened the nerves. CAG smudge and his team don’t do things by halves and knowing the effort they put into their events this was concerning for those of us who should have visited the gym a little more! So why the nerves it’s just woodland isn’t it?

Enter Otterburn MOD training camp! The setting for Red Dawn, this is not your average AO (area of operations), I’ve played milsim at a variety of airsoft sites both private…

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