Who doesn’t like organising their shit in mil spec organisers? Great write-up here from a very good friend of mine. This is one EDC blog you must follow!

Optimal Knapsack


The Goruck Wire Dopp is a low-profile clamshell pouch, with three zippered mesh pockets.  Constructed from 1000D cordura and mil-spec mesh, it is a simple yet a versatile packing accessory, intended to help organise cable spaghetti and chargers, but is capable of organising anything you can fit inside it.


There are a few factors that make a pack optimal for me, but the organisation a pack provides is often key in how well it fits my use.  My long suffering friend Rich has heard me witter on endlessly about how a particular pack is sub-optimal, and would be perfect “if it just had another pocket I could use for <item X>”.   Contrarily, however, too many pockets can limit the versatility of a pack, restrict the capacity, or make them feel fussy.

The packs made by Goruck have long been a favourite of mine, due to the flexibility their design, and…

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