It’s not so easy to define a mil build, nowadays.

Until relatively recently, it was all mapped out:


Then shit got complicated, with more options:


Then it went a bit nuts:


Then unit and personal purchases became more and more common. This resulted in pockets of blasters in the wild, that looked more like those from a civilian shooting contest.


In fairness, that look has been reigned in more recently simply because Block II gear is now fully rolled out. So no one needs to buy longer free float FSP rails any more, for instance.

Ask the question “What makes a mil build?” and some airsofters will point to a Block II diagram – or similar – which they’ve found on the web. It may not even be from an official source.

Don’t get me started on the Mk18 Mod 1 thing…

Mk18Fact is, in the wild, there is no single architype.

Many people get around this by copying a single photo from the wild. That’s as valid as showing the boldness to absorb multiple in the wild references and designing your own mil iteration.

Followers of some militaries have it easy. Firm regulations or a distinct lack of hardcore geardos means that some mil builds remain by the numbers.

I asked “What makes a mil build?” of an anonymous airsofter who also serves and I think it’s a great way to end:

I add stuff to my gun. I buy it myself. I install it myself. Nothing major, since I need to be able to remove all the stuff, too. But sights, lights etc. –  accessories are good to go.

That’s why I think a gun with milspec items is just as “MIL” as the one with issued items.

I’m always trying to improve my gear, since it means survival.