This month, the blog has received over 35,000 views.

I just want to say a massive thank you.

I originally started the blog in 2013 and it grew exponentially, through word of mouth. After an extended hiatus (where at some points I thought I’d nuke the entire site from orbit) I rebooted the blog in April this year. It’s only taken a very short time for viewing figures to rebound.

This has surprised me and I’m incredibly grateful to all those who’ve supported the blog. Every click means something to me and, of course, the blog would be nothing without the talented array of contributors who have worked with me on various projects.

Thank you.

The blog doesn’t have a Facebook page this time around, but my new IG account is slowly gaining traction. So thanks also to anyone who’s followed me on there.

Lastly on blog news, I’m planning a Reptile House patch but these will definitely not be for sale. They will find their way to deserving homes by other methods.

I don’t intend to monetise the blog, because that would turn it into a job 🙂