The A2 front sight is often called the FSP – or front sight post. It’s a fixed A-frame iron, which helps define the M4.

It is iconic.

However, in recent years it was all too often discarded in favour of flip-up BUIS or no BUIS at all. I documented the latter in a 2013 blog.

There are a number of modern rails which, quite literally, return the front sight post to the forefront. One of these is the Daniel Defense RIS II FSP.

Here’s a pic of the original RIS II variants – courtesy of Stickman – which helped Daniel Defense win the DoD contract to become the chosen supplier of the Block II rail.

As you can see, the FSP version isn’t new.


It’s deployment, however, is new…sort of.

Until recently, there wasn’t a whole lot of photographic evidence for the FSP’s use but these are some of my favourite pics from previous years.

 photo image_zps66db7dab.jpg
 photo image_zpsbfeffa8a.jpg
 photo image_zps3a5a8e78.jpg

So, the RIS II FSP has always been part of the Block II upgrade package but it’s only relatively recently that its become pervasive in the wild.

Why so?

It is only since early 2016 that the Block II package has been fully rolled out to all SOCOM elements.

Ever wondered why the RIS II seemed to be in such short supply on the commercial market? It’s because pretty much all of Daniel Defense’s RIS II production was being used to replace the Block I KAC RAS; and Army SF – often defined as the largest SOCOM element – was said to be the last to get the RIS II in all of its variants, across the board.

Perhaps this is another reason why we’ve seen so many pics of SOF blasters with aftermarket rails, over the years. Where the RIS II hadn’t fully penetrated into the supply chain, individuals and units took it upon themselves to update their kit unilaterally.

Now the RIS II is properly available, it’s the go to solution…and free.

Below are some pics of the RIS II FSP which are newer to me. Also notice how pervasive the Surefire 556-RC/hider has become and you can date some pics from this separate upgrade.

I’m glad the RIS II FSP is out there. It’s a good look: