Ben Webb’s awesome NGRS primer.

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Tokyo Marui’s Next Generation Recoil Series (NGRS) of blasters has really gained a foothold in the UK and it’s not difficult to see why. Once the preserve of the PTW, Marui’s bolt lock feature (which prevents the gun firing after the last BB has left the mag) is a highly attractive feature to mid cap users.

There is also the small matter of the recoil shock engine itself. This delivers palpable feedback for each and every shot fired and will not fail to bring a smile to your face (it does mine and I’m a hardened PTW user).

The most important feature for me, however, is the hop. It offers the best out of the box (OOTB) performance in the business, bar none. And, speaking of OOTB performance, the guns are pretty much optimised as they are. You don’t really need to do anything to them for UK limits, even though…

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