Another one I’ve been gagged on, until it went public on IG 🙂

Early last week I received evolution pics, of CTF226’s fantastic new logo!

The logo concept was originated by Gray Fox’s F23.

Here’s what Cobalt – one of the teams CTF226 comprises –  had to say on the subject, when they announced the new patch via their IG account:

…credit goes to @gf_23_ for the initial design, which is an amalgamation of the 5 team patches from the group.

Everyone in CTF226 pitched in on making slight alterations here and there, until the finished product came from the drawing board to being an actual patch!

There will be more colour variations to come as well.

Look forward to sharing the other CTF226 patches when we reveal those! We thought it was a great way to represent all the time spent playing together, as separate teams coming together to form one!

Also a massive thanks to @britkitusa for making the patch a reality.

For more in depth info on CTF226, I’ve been reliably informed that Gear Monkey75 is doing a piece with all actors – in TRHB’s sibling blog S23.

I can’t wait for that!

Until then, here’s what F01 had to say about CTF226 in TRH Blog:

Recently Gray Fox joined up with four Milsim teams we are buddies with and respect – Diablo, Cobalt, Black Scorpions and TF Copperhead. Together we formed Combined Task Force 226.

The concept is that we can create a super team wherever we go: great kit, similar tactics and mutual respect for each other’s capabilities.

If only a couple of our team can attend an event, no problem – we have a bigger brotherhood within CTF226 and there is always a good sized team attending.

We have two CTF226 patches of different, very cool designs incoming – so look out for them on the battlefield soon.

It’s an exciting concept and I don’t think it’s been done before like this. Our motto is “No brakes” and that describes the CTF226 effect when all of us go on the attack.

Read the full, exclusive interview with F01 here.