The new issue of AI arrived yesterday, which is always a good thing.

While scanning through the readers’ pics section – selected for inclusion by Ben Webb and Ben Dickie – I spotted one which was 110% badass.

There are some great readers’ pics in this issue, but this one in particular caused me to double take.

Is it?!
It is!

…none other than Emmet of Tactical Training Solutions UK. Emmet was a very early supporter of The Reptile House Blog, way back when I kicked things off in 2013. Back then, Emmet was pre-PTW and we chatted at length about the pros and cons of ownership, what to expect from performance, etc.

While chatting about the pic – reproduced at the top of this piece – I asked Emmet about Tactical Training Solutions:

Tactical Training Solutions UK specializes in providing a fully functioning communications solution for milsim/realsim and outdoor endurance events. We were set up to support the Fan Dance Race Series, run by Avalanche Endurance Events twice a year in the Brecon Becons.

One of the things that really impressed me about the pic is how Emmet’s loadout has developed. And that’s the thing that many of us don’t realise when we see or read about fully developed, totally badass loadouts.

It takes time, energy and study. It won’t be perfect straight away, even if we think it is 🙂 Try as hard as we like – mistakes will be made along the way. I make mistakes all the time, but it’s all part of how things evolve and develop; it’s also part of pushing the envelope, optimisation, and striking that balance of compromise which is the best fit for you and your playing style.

Of course, it also helps if Guy Butler Photography is there to take pictures of you. How is it that Guy always manages to capture an individual’s best side? The pic above – the one which inspired me to write this – is a Guy Butler classic. A player or crew member walking around at an event is suddenly imbued with a nonchalent swagger. Dedicated, intense, getting the job done…even if he’s just off somewhere for a cup of tea.

Needless to say, I asked Emmet for a loadout lowdown:

The kit is heavily UKSF-influenced, but further customised to my requirements. As well as UKSF, I’m also really interetsed in Rhodesian kit – so that has a bearing on my choices. All the pieces I’ve chosen are highly functional and well though out, with no excess.

I’m a big fan of C2R kit after being introduced to them by John D. I’ve had the privilege of getting my hands on quite a few custom items, via AMTAC and C2R themselves.

The only concession to US kit I’ve allowed myself is the M1911A1 I carry, because I have an affinity with that particular piece of classic US weapons technology.

Because Tactical Training Solutions UK’s taskings involve running radio equipment, I have tailored my plate carrier to that role; running dual comms and, on occasion over the last few games, a TRI 117G man pack radio. I remove my C2R assaulter’s panel for these taskings and place the 117 and extra kit in the very well thought-out Platatac Echo MKII day sack.



  • Rig: C2R-Lite, with MET additions supplied by AMTAC.
  • High Ground Gear drop down ANPRC/152 radio pouch.
  • C2R back panel, based on the old Paraclete back panel.
  • C2R double mag pouch.
  • C2R frag pouch.
  • C2R double flashbang pouch.
  • C2R illuminated arm panel.
  • Blackhawk pistol mag pouches.
  • TYR Lap panel…because getting shot in the nuts is a ballz!
  • Platatac mini radio pouch, for a Baofeng UV-5R dual band radio.
  • Crye Gen II AC UKSF-custom pants.
  • Claymore bag with extras when needs be, because to be truly ALLY you have to make a nod to the past 😉
  • Platatac CUTS shirt.
  • Platatac Boonie hat (definite UKSF inspiration there!)
  • Ops Core Maritime helmet
  • Platatac helmet cover
  • Wilcox shroud
  • VIP IR strobe.
  • Perroz Designs IR callsigns



  • L119A1 PTW, inspired by UCAP Andy and John D’s brilliant builds – featured in TRH blog
  • MK18 MOD 0 PTW backup, because one is none! (Not pictured)
  • RS E-mags converted by Tackleberry.


  • Nexus u-94 6Pin NATO, Tri 152 Radio
  • MSA Sordin headset.

I have now upgraded to a TEA dual comm PTT, due to the nature of the work and scenarios I am involved in with.

Since the pic was taken I have acquired a C2R MOLLE belt with Flimmuur Tactical inner. This is now fully rigged out with C2R, Blackhawk, BAE and Safariland kit. I have built my belt kit to suit the role. And let’s face it, belt kit that is well thought-out falls into the ALLY category!

I’m just waiting for a Trifecta mount for my Safariland and I’m all set.

Tactical Training Solutions UK has been very lucky to acquire the kit it has and I would like to thank Platatac, C2R-FAST, AMTAC, Perroz Designs and Ben at The Hereford Kit Company for sorting us out with ALLY kit!