Last time I featured one of F23’s blasters, I made him promise to give me an exclusive on another NGRS he had in the works.

I knew it’d be hot, but my particular interest was that this was to be his ‘Greenside’ blaster.

It’s arrived…

Thanks for asking me back. It’s awesome to have a platform to show off my ‘nothing special’ blasters 😜

TRH: Thanks for accepting! After your awesome 416, this is your second NGRS project. Now you’ve had a chance to play with your Spectred 416, I’m guessing you’re never going back to PTWs?

The recoil has everything the PTW does bar one (the quick change cylinder) but has the added bonus of that recoil engine. As for the Spectre, well what can I say. Amazing!!! So many customisable options like 2, 3, 7, 10 round burst, active braking, etc. All this for half the price of a PTW and with that famous TM reliability!


TRH: What inspired this build?

Well this build was going to be a standard 14.5″ M4 for when I venture out into the woods. It’s been I while since I’ve owned a standard M4 and I’d forgotten that it doesn’t seem to matter what brand you have, that airsoft KAC rail wobbles and I always knock the bottom rail off when I bang the delta ring. So, the look for something to solve that commenced.



TRH: Do you run a different loadout with it?

It wouldn’t be right to run it without a new loadout would it? 😜 I run chest rigs exclusively when operating in a rural environment, as its the norm for US-themed loadouts. But I always found them a little restrictive when low down on your belt buckle and it’s never done my back any good. So harking back to my infantry days I decided to look for a US-looking modern version of my old belt kit. However it didn’t exist, so I hit Bozza up to make me something to my specs and I love the results . This paired with multicam tropic is something comfortable, practical and most importantly different.


TRH: I can’t decide if I like this build more in CQBR/can mode, or as a 14.5″ What are your thoughts on how it’ll be most used?

I like it a lot in the CQBR format and being a complete AR lover I could end up picking it up more than the 416 😱


TRH: I love the GG&G rail and I love the RAHG. To me they deliver the same outcomes, functionally. How true do you think it is to say, “Same rail, different decade“?

I’m going to surprise you here. My rail is actually a Madbull Talon rail, a repro of the GG&G but the only option as I couldn’t source the real thing . It was a real stroke of luck and hours on Google that I even knew it existed. I’ve loved the GG&G rail since I saw a SEAL running it, around 2007, on an M4. Same as the RAHG, I love the built in 45 degree mounting options and low profile form factor. The rail clamps to the standard barrel nut and is solid as a rock.


TRH: I’m a big fan of the A-frame sight. It’s iconic. Did the build evolve around the A-frame from the very start?

I’m a big lover of the A-frame sight too. The old skool in me wanted to keep that silhouette so finding a wobble-free rail solution while keeping the front sight was a must.


TRH: Some people concentrate on aesthetics when they build a blaster but I think handling is as important. I’ve never been in a situation where I’ve said to myself, “This gun could do with being longer” so why bother with a 14.5?

In my opinion, when operating Greenside you should run a long gun and it’s that simple. When I see a MK18/416D or CQBR (Close Quarters Battle Receiver) outside in the woods, it does make me laugh. If you can run a 14.5″ gun outside and in a few structures then when you do pick up your SBR you will be faster and smoother.


TRH: Is this another of the infamous F23 ’10 minute’ paint jobs?

This paint job was done in one minute, I shit you not . Green stripes then brown through scrim on top. Keep it simple 😜


TRH: S23Gearmonkey75 (Andy) interviewed you recently. Gray Fox interviews are #1 and #2 in his most read articles. How does that feel?

It took me back to be honest and was a real honour. The work you and Andy do is awesome. We’re not out for recognition or glory. We do these interviews etc. to promote the sport, to support the good guys that are up and coming and to encourage the next generation to invest in Milsim and not just skirmish…although I do like a good skirmish!

Once again, big thanks to Dan (F23) for his effort and enthusiasm. He doesn’t muck about! 🙂