The Reptile House

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How many amateur airsoft bloggers get to run articles by proper print-media professionals?

Aside from the great honour that’s felt, you just know the content is going to be well written, engaging and come complete with a crop of beautifully shot pics. Well, that’s what I expect from the AI guys, anyway!

And indeed, being able to drop-in a blog written by none other than Ben Dickie – Art Director of Airsoft International Magazine – is even more welcome after a ten hour flight from LAX and the associated jet lag.

Over to Ben:

“Much like beards, L119s are the ‘in thing’ right now. The main difference though is that where you’re likely too see a lot of beards, you’re not likely to spot that many Marui recoil, custom L119A1s with full Diemaco trades engraved!”

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“My thinking behind this project was that I wanted something a bit different… and before…

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