I’m becoming increasingly impressed with German made, Heckler and Koch RS parts.

It’s not just the design, which is thoroughly thought through. It’s not just that everything Oberndorf does is beautifully finished and fits perfectly.

It’s the palpable quality.

OK, you expect that from German engineering. Pay a bit more, but get a lot more for your money. But it’s still refreshing in what is generally an overpriced market.

HK416A5 rear BUIS arrived today:


Heckler and Koch designed this sight to be installed and removed without tools. It’s kind of a sprung design, which relies on an interference fit with the top rail.

This is the ‘captive’ version, which means there’s a detente safety button which needs to be depressed when the sight is installed or removed. It’s not really necessary, but it’s a nice touch.

The sight is really lo-pro and, of course, it’s designed with the ergonomics of the 416 in mind.


After struggling to choose BUIS for my 416, I was glad to find this.