I often talk in this blog about the adoption of aftermarket accessories in the wild, as if all operators are trying really, really hard to optimise their blasters in an independent, free-thinking way.

However, I strongly suspect the truth of the matter is a bit more like everyday life.

There will be leaders and followers.

What reminded me of this was a quote I grabbed from the esteemed Jeff Gurwitch. Here he comments about kit selection behaviours in his own unit:

…when it comes to gear a lot of guys are only exposed to what they see their buddies running. A good example of this, I saw war belts being used for the first time on a team in 2010. A guy on my team got one, we all tried it and within a week we all went out and got them on the team.

Same thing with rifle accessories, one guy goes out and gets something it works well it will catch on within the unit.

Last year’s article [Part 2 of of a trilogy which documented the use of civilian aftermarket AR15 accessories in the wild] I know I was getting bashed from some saying why would soldiers pick rails that have not been dropped tested and stuff?

Frankly most Operators couldn’t care less about stuff like that. If they spend their own coin on accessories, they are going to purchase what they like and might later use on their personal rifles.

I brought up war belts…it seems they are on their way out. This trip I saw lots of micro duty belts being worn. In fact I just got one from Ronin Tactics to try out!

And that’s basically how fashion works 🙂