When I mounted my Aimpoint Micro H2 on my LaRue LT660 mount it reminded me that the picatinny atop my SGT 416 upper receiver is to RS spec. That’s no small thing in the often off spec world of airsoft RIS.

LaRue’s QD mech can be unforgiving with off spec surfaces, causing optics to sit on a bit of a slant on some uppers. On my SGT 416, my H2 sits perfecting level.

Only one negative. The screws which LaRue supplies to fix the optic to the mount aren’t Torx. Nothing wrong with Allen heads, but I prefer Torx.

Still, I’m really liking the H2 and LaRue in combination with the 416.

I’m also really liking the action of LaRue’s QD mech. I didn’t even need to adjust it.