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If you haven’t already heard, Tackleberry has announced that the only 416 you will ever need – the SGT 416 – will shortly resume production. That’s right. A new batch of the finest, most sought after PTW 416 ever made. It will solve all your problems.

Don’t kid yourself with value kits or converted GBB uppers. You know what you really want. The SGT 416 is a no compromise product for a no compromise demographic. If you’re of the “good for the price”, “it’ll do” or “I just do what my wife tells me” persuasion, you may as well stop reading this now.

If you’re still reading, here are three reasons why everyone (except the bed wetters who’ve already stopped reading) should own an SGT 416. It’s just a small primer to whet your appetite, but there’s a link at the end to a fuller article which I wrote last year.

Reason #1. It’s Really Fucking Strong

Unlike shitsoft receivers, the SGT 416 is made out of strong, RS quality 7075T6 aluminium. That’s tougher even than Prime receivers.

A really fucking strong gun is really fucking important because if you play hard, fast and with any degree of realism, it’s likely you’ve already snapped a cheese metal receiver or two. This seems especially common with the milsim guys who, unsurprisingly, handle their PTWs as if they are the real deal. So that means chucking them into flat beds, butt-striking doors and generally treating them like shit.

How do I know the SGT 416 is that strong? Well, aside from the metallurgy claims, I’ve dropped mine. Yes, you read that right. Not only did I drop my brand new SGT 416 build, I dropped it on a hard surface and with some force.

Actually, because it bounced first, I suppose I’ve really dropped it twice.

If you do end up breaking an SGT 416, congratulations! You’re a dick! Even SOF don’t treat their blasters that badly.

Reason #2. Hard Ass, High Precision 416-pattern Steel Outer Barrel and Steel Barrel Nut

The SGT 416 upper receiver group, which is a work of art in its own right, features a steel outer barrel which is arguably better quality than OEM Systema. Yes, it really is that good. The hop/barrel assembly slides in nice and snug and seats perfectly. It has a properly sized steel knock pin, so doesn’t require any rectification work to circumvent timing issues. You just slot it in and torque the lovely steel barrel nut. Job done.

The other PTW 416 kits and GBB conversions all have soft aluminium outer barrels, but not only that. They are actually M4 pattern outer barrels. To illustrate the difference, here’s a pic of the SGT left and an OEM M4 barrel right:

 photo c41d8c903cd85c35406c346637002f06_zps24113bec.jpg

Did I also mention SGT’s 416 outer barrel is gundrilled? You may want to read about that, here:

The barrel nut seems like such a small detail but, again, it’s steel and it’s 1:1 with the RS. This means Geissele’s 416 SMR goes right on. And who’d tolerate a lesser rail on a build like this?

Reason #3. No Ugly Wobble

Not much to write about here, but that’s right kids. Because the SGT 416 is so precisely made, the upper and lower mate perfectly.

I very much doubt H&K tolerates wobble, so neither should you. Firmness is next to godliness in the epistemology of the receiver set.

I hate wobble. Anyone indifferent to wobble won’t be reading this, because they are unlikely to let seemingly small details spoil their entire day. Oh, wait…

Reason #4. I Said Three Reasons, Mofo!

You want more reasons to buy? Read this: