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Excuse the pun, but there are some interesting PTW/P*/RS crossover pics on the Polar Star Facebook page, using Polar Star’s new F1 engine. The one that’s not a million miles away from the form factor of Wolverine’s HPA offering.

Unlike Systema, the Polar Star brand has a massive hard-on for innovation and a number of people close to the blog had suggested that P-Starring the PTW system was the next logical move up the food chain (using as much RS as possible).

One of the criticisms levelled at the current Fusion engine is having to base your build, by definition, on an old gen Marui-style AEG: not 1:1, too light, often constructed in a complicated, peculiar way; toy-like feel, etc.

It will be interesting to see if Polar Star goes as far as incorporating a functional bolt release in their build, or whether that will come at a later date.

Someone needs to tell them that blue grips aren’t cool, though 🙂

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