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First, some rumour trouncing news. Something I’d not noticed before, but check out the barrel nut area of the Hao 416’s upper receiver:

 photo image.jpg1_zpsxd0ykybx.jpg

Now look at SGT’s:

 photo 1df88be9108b522c006af03b0f2278fc_zpse95765f7.jpg

You can see that SGT’s 416 upper exhibits, wait for it…a 416 length barrel nut thread. Hao’s is M4 length, like the FCC and Eagle Eye.

So I think this categorically dispels the rumour which has been floating around, that the Hao closely resembles the SGT. It doesn’t. I would put money on the Hao more closely resembling the Eagle Eye, however.

Now for some interesting news. On Hao’s Facebook page today:

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So, not just a receiver set, parts too. Let’s hope the quality is spot on because we don’t want to be constantly fettling, do we? Often the quickest (but not necessarily cheapest) way to downgrade your PTW is to buy 3rd party aftermarket parts.

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