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The budget PTW HK416 market has been dead since Eagle Eye stopped making its quite reasonable offering. Rumour has it they lost the data with which to produce the receiver set.

Whatever the story, there’s been a gap in the market with nothing to fill the void; while the luxury market has been dominated by the utterly bastard groovy SGT 416. Use the search box for lots of intel on both the SGT 416 (I have one, it’s sublime) and Eagle Eye’s 416 (I had one and like I said, it was reasonable).

Recently a mate tipped me off about a new 416 offering which looks to occupy the middle ground in terms of price, but how about the quality? I don’t know much about Hca Hao, but they have a Facebook page and you can also be friends with them if you like.

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Now is a good time to jump on as they are publishing daily snippets of info on their 416.

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Sounds mighty interesting, doesn’t it?

The pics featured here are also from their various Facebook apparatuses.

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