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I read a really interesting blog post from PPTW today. On the surface, it was a blog about the OPFOR design classic that is the AK and how a change is as good as a rest (perhaps I should have thought about that, after having a few months away from the blog).

One of the last blogs I did was about The New Bad Boys – Russian SOF like the notorious Alfa Group. I posted a few pics of nicely Kryloned, home grown Zenit-covered AKs brimming with modern US tech like Eotechs.

Fast forward a few months and I’m staring at a PPTW built and modded P* AK. Yes, you heard it. P* and PPTW in the same sentence. Things have moved on.

You don’t have to read between the lines of PPTW’s blog to realise he’s been busy perfecting the P*, using the same brand of magic he’s been using on the PTW for some years. Yes, a few shops have popped up in the UK selling P* conversions…but this is PPTW. Very different to the usual spring clipping, PTFE tape wrapping ‘techs’.

I had a quick chat with Stu, the guy behind PPTW, and all I can reveal right now is he’s got big plans; but he’s already been tricking out the P*’s of trusted friends and those of his team of testers, who are dipping their toe into HPA.

And we’re not ‘just’ talking about the mods and the tuning standards he’s set to get these things running like PTWs. We’re talking significant makeovers with Zenit parts and, because this is PPTW, his True and Original Hogue conversion. That’s right. An RS Hogue on an AK:

 photo image.jpg2_zpslimbkvoi.jpg

You never know, if things stay this interesting, I may even do another blog…