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People talk about refreshing their tired old builds, but when was the last time you saw anything genuinely refreshing? It’s a bit like music. You realise that pretty much anything current is a derivation of something which perhaps originated 30 or 40 years ago…and the original is often still the best.

To my way of thinking, it’s pretty much impossible to break new ground. As personal as civilian builds are meant to be, for instance, they can often be formulaic.

Preferable to formulaic are the classic form factors; tried and tested mil builds. The originals and, many would argue, still the best. But, at the incredibly slow rate the military changes, you won’t see much that’s refreshing there, either. Maybe a few competition shooter parts dropped in, but then you’re almost back in civilian build territory.

Of course, Krylon paint jobs are a way to add interest, character and differentiation. This applies to both civilian and mil builds. Adding a bit of rattle can and allowing the patina to develop with use is like breaking in a pair of Red Wing boots or some artisan, raw selvage Japanese denim. In short, it’s very, very cool.

However, there is still one genre which has the power to genuinely shock…or at least surprise. The Fuck You Form Factor, or FUFF. The FUFF isn’t pretty. The FUFF doesn’t want to be liked. It regards mil builds as dinosaurs and civ builds as a hippy fad.

Today’s FUFF is a pistol build. These are incredibly difficult to get right, but when delivered expertly they simply say “Fuck You”, as the name suggests. In musical terms, they’re the punk rock of PTWs; and not some corporate shite, proper 1977 English Punk.

Thanks to Project PTW for the pics.

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