photo 45E385E7-01D5-4DFC-840F-EDBD0ED7F862_zpsp2392241.jpg

There are many great AOR1 paint jobs out there today. Many are perfect, photorealistic reproductions of AOR1 fabric; they look awesome.

However, if you take a look at pics of AOR1 blasters in the wild, they ain’t so perfect and they ain’t so colour-matched.

Here, PPTW has picked up on that aesthetic and the results are authentic. This paint job looks as if it was painted in the wild, expediently, with the purpose of blending in with AOR1; not strictly imitating it.

 photo A577977D-7103-4DDC-B301-4B0B2A9710CD_zps4v7bti2u.jpg
 photo 98367AEE-83A1-4808-8BDF-879A450497B3_zps4bydgf1n.jpg
 photo D9E0E1F5-5462-4AEE-B610-D2BE75D12F10_zpsugiqdry8.jpg