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More news on SGT’s E3 receiver sets:

“We will start preorders on the SGT Knights E3 Mod2 receiver sets mid week. We have made quite an effort making these receivers sets very realisitic, not just the lower but the upper too, milled to Knights upper spec (yes, they are little different than the regular M4 uppers).

They will be sold as sets only since the upper is specifically made as a Knights upper receiver. These receivers are made of 7075T6, RS material quality.

The preorders will give customers a choice of:

1) The model, ie, SR-15 (civilian – KMC), SR-16 (military – KAC), SR-30 (civilian and military).

2) The choice you make on option #1 will result in semi only or full auto version, where the selector stop ribs will be cut accordingly.

3) As usual your own unique serial (5 digits) with correct prefix of KA (military) or KM (civilian).

4) As per markings, we recommend newer Knights marking for the upper, where they are deep engraved above the tail of the rail rather than the white laser marking on the left front side beneath the rail. However you may choose otherwise.

These receivers will be hard anodized then Cerakoted.”

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“Left: Prime
Center: RS
Right: SGT

Putting these side by side, you can now notice the difference.”

 photo 0CBEF206-7D09-4377-8974-254DCC2DCCBA_zpslasl2ugc.jpg

“RS Knight’s upper [above]. We chamfer areas A and C, the dimension of B which the grooves appear deeper than regular M4 (it’s not the grooves but the actual thickness of the upper there, and flares caused during the forging process in D.

These RS front end details are incorporated into our upper.

The way the chamfer on the front of the rail is very unique with Knight’s, as well as the position of the cut above the charging handle latch indent.

All our receivers were CNC milled as ingots first, then milled like how AR’s would be milled. Hence you will notice details looking like forged receivers rather than just regular CNC milled receivers.”

Tosh adds:

“One thing I do know is that these uppers are not the same M4 upper molds from Cerro Forge as we have measured them everywhere and found out they are not the same dimension as regular M4s. Not just the cuts but actual thickness which means they are from different mold. YHM may be milling (and probably they are not the only) them but Cerro is the actual forge manufacturer for these uppers. Almost like Hk where D&D oems for their 416 rails in US. Many companies have other companies OEM when production schedule can not meet demands, so in a sense, it’s not unusual.”