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News on SGT’s forthcoming E3 receiver set:

“We are giving you a sneak peek on the new project, Knight’s receiver set. This will be for both KAC and KMC, if you don’t know the difference, well one is for military and other for civilian.”

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“PTW and GBB both would be ambidextrous, even the bolt release. Another significance on these receivers are that:

1)The lower’s ambidextrous ribs are in correct position. As far as we know, our lower is the most correct lower in the market.

2)The upper is specifically made as Knight’s upper. Everyone uses M4 upper with Knight’s markings to make it look like, but actually the dimensions are slightly different and some positionings are different as well.”

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“We measured the RS Knight’s upper and have accurately depicted it. This will come as a set only. All the receivers are made with 7075T6 duralumin.

We will start preorders soon, and only these preorders may have customised serial, as well as choice of SR-15, SR-16, and SR-30.”

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Since there’s a whole new lower as well, I’d hope SGT has been able to get around the slight niggles with the gen 2 416 lower and provide a drop in fit with this one.

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