photo L5_zpsec5accbc.jpg

It seems like paint job standards are being raised every week.

Some awesome shots from Project PTW’s build blog.

This is the same, L119a1 I blogged about just a few days ago, now with a modern, creative paint job.

 photo L3_zps58a8aed9.jpg

It’s the boldest I’ve seen on an airsoft L119a1, but its DNA is borrowed from the more recent UKSF in the wild pics.

 photo L2_zpsd94731f8.jpg

It’s just three colours: a base coat of Krylon Khaki, bold stripes in Halfords Brown, and Humbrol Dark Brown 29 sprayed through net to break up the voids between stripes.

 photo L4_zps32efc88a.jpg

It may look simple but it’s not easy to compose something like this, which will stand out yet fit in at the same time. Also, it’s ballsy as hell. Nothing is held back in terms of impact and I think it’s a great interpretation of what seems to be out there in use, right now.

Stu from PPTW has taken a big risk. It’s paid off.


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