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So nice to see more and more Gucci PTW UKSF builds.

This one, built by Project PTW, was blogged on their website earlier today.

The L119a1 CQBR has a great form factor. A classic. It almost says, “I don’t need the trendy bells and whistles to get the job done.” Furthermore, if it did say that, it would say it almost silently and with professionalism.

Needless to say the bayonet lug has been removed, but this one has had its outer barrel shortened to a proper 10″.

The awesome Perr Mike can has received additional detailing. The dummy lock catch has been set into relief by a bit of skilled machine work by PPTW and the ends have been worked on. Light but discerning touches to an already outstanding product.

Some readers may be surprised at the choice of a Hogue grip on this blaster, but it’s well within canon, as anyone who has seen recent UKSF pics will attest.

 photo 573E77FA-B9F1-438B-BD78-32C5E3CDD37E_zpspmz5mm6v.jpg

The gun looks a bit…black, ATM. That will have to change and what a great platform to have the privilege of painting.

I’d hope the owner has commissioned a version of one the more directional paint jobs, which feature in the newer UKSF pics. Particularly appealing, as some of the blasters look as if they’ve had quite a bit of time spent on them. It’s great to see that kind of progression.

Naturally, the receivers are Prime and there are absolutely no issues painting these sets using normal methods. Once painted, they seem to weather a lot like the RS – with more of a worn look than random chipping.

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