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I received this awesome patch through the post, along with a bag of BB Bastard Eco 28s from my friend Lyle. Lyle is the sole distributor in the UK for BB Bastard.

So, I now have two free bags of BB Bastard 28s. I’m embarrassed to say I’ve not been able to test my non-bio bag as I’ve not visited a non-bio site since I received them.

Lyle says:

“BB Bastard is the only BB manufacturer to offer a completely eco friendly round. They leave no waste once decomposed. Many other ‘bio’ ranges do biodegrade to an extent, but due to the additives they may leave compounds or chemicals behind.

For example, a BB which has been doped with zinc oxide in a kilo of soil will be detected upon soil analysis. This may have implications if the land is to be sold.”

Along with the BBs and patch (thank you, Lyle!) some other interesting words from Lyle:

“The belief that the gun ‘chooses’ the BB for you is a myth. Whilst it is common assumption, it isn’t true.

If you know about the manufacture and production of BBs (which I am heavily involved in) you will know that the PTW has a complex feed path compared to Marui style AEGs. When you combine this with higher performance, it can result in ‘chopping’. Chopping generally stems from mags, due to poor mag maintenance. The mag is the first element of the PTW feed path, so that is the first place to check.”

However, if yours mags are well maintained, it’s logical to look at the BBs for the chopping problem. This is especially important if you’ve recently switched brands, or you are new to the PTW world and are unaware of the trusted brands.

Lyle continues:

“In the manufacturing of BBs there are different cool-down techniques and materials used which effect the quality of the BB. If the cool-down procedure is short (as with 99% of BBs manufactured in China) you end up with a brittle BB which will break more easily. This can cause chopping.”

As for general BB quality, Lyle has this to say:

“To increase BB weight to match the well known standards, brands often dope the weight of the BB with low quality additives such as zinc oxide (as mentioned above). You end up with a non-stable, brittle round which could fragment in your gun or upon impact. There are three factories in Taiwan whose BBs I would run in any of my PTW’s, but that is it.

When you commission BB production, unless you have feet on the ground you can’t guarantee that the BBs have actually been produced in the country you chose.

Many BB retailers have fallen into this trap and received sub-standard product, as the cost of production in China is far, far cheaper than Taiwan. This leads to higher profits for the manufacturing company in Taiwan, who may subcontracting to China unbeknownst to the company which commissioned production.

The brands that I retail and use myself, Green Devil and BB Bastard, are made in Taiwan by trusted manufacturers.”

I’m told an ecommerce site is on the way, until then you can contact Lyle via Facebook.