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I clocked James’ blaster a few weeks ago. He’d just added an FDE HK Geissele SMR and it looked awesome. I got in touch and luckily he’d heard of the blog.

I was happy to go with the pics I’d already seen, but James is a perfectionist and he wanted to wait for his glass breaker to arrive. He also wondered if I’d be interested in the story which went with the blaster?

I’m as interested in the stories behind blasters as I am in the pics or the parts list. But I wasn’t expecting something quite like what follows 🙂

The Nightmare Before Christmas

“I had always wanted a 416, but I knew the weight would be an issue for me so I contacted Stuart at PPTW about building me a lightweight 416. Stu and I discussed this over a number of weeks.”

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“So, one fateful night in November, while relaxing on my bed listening to Calvin Harris and perusing pictures of Jennifer Lawrence, my phone rings. It’s my girlfriend’s dad.”

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“‘Ah howye, James, I’m just ringing you to ask what you would like for Christmas?’ He says. I replied, ‘You’re grand. I don’t want anything but thank you for asking.’ He proceeds to tell me not to insult him and to tell him what I would like. I again refused his offer. So I changed the subject, exchanging the usual pleasantries, asking how the family was etc.”

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“He asked how I was getting on in airsoft and I told him I was in discussions with PPTW over in the UK about building a lightweight gun.

‘Oh, I’ll get that for you.’ He said. I replied, ‘No, but thank you.’ I’m thinking to myself I’m in a very awkward spot here, I can either insult my girlfriend’s dad, or accept his kind offer.

I certainly didn’t want to insult the man, so after a bit more chat I accepted his extremely generous offer. I messaged Stuart that night, putting a deposit down and saying it had turned into a Christmas present and could he build it in time for Christmas? Stu said it was gonna be close, but he would try.”

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“So the next day I rang the girlfriend telling her I am calling over to her house to speak to her dad. When I got there, she pulled me aside and told me she told her dad not to buy the 416…

So now I’m free and single but I do have a whopper 416!” 🙂

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Parts list:

“Eagle Eye 416 conversion kit
RS Geissele Automatics 10.5″ SMR (sand)
Mil-spec stock tube
RS Magpul ASAP rear sling mount
RS CQD front sling mount
RS Magpul CTR stock
Garmin 401
Tactical Assault Gear Garmin 401 pouch
RS Hogue grip
RS Magpul RVG foregrip
AAC Mini4 suppressor
Kimplacustom glass breaker
FCC Vltor charging handle
FCC Cylinder
6.10 Orga inner barrel
Orga Flat Hop
Sytema hop chamber
Systema gearbox
Systema 7511 motor
RS Eotech xps-3
RS Eotech G33 magnifier
VTAC mk 2 padded sling
RS converted Magpul Emags (PPTW conversion)”