Part 2 of Project PTW’s look at SGT’s gen 2 416 kit gets up close and personal with the lower receiver.

My SGT 416 kit and donor PTW is currently with Tackleberry awaiting some TLC, so I’m hoping to be in a position to report T’s impressions soon.

Over to Stu:

 photo imagejpg1_zpsa9847140.jpg

“SGT 416 Lower receiver installation. First off was to check the Take Down pin fitment, they were overly tight and the lower receiver holes are reamed out to the correct size.”

 photo imagejpg2_zpsd1666fbb.jpg

“Above you can see the gearbox height at the rear before fitting the SGT supplied shim (0.2mm).”

 photo imagejpg3_zpsa4048dd4.jpg

“Shim in position under the rear fixing point.”

 photo imagejpg4_zpsc0e333f2.jpg

“Once the gear box was in position the fire selector lever hole was reamed out to accommodate the standard Systema selector.”

 photo imagejpg5_zps28c21ad9.jpg

“On the opposite side a similar amount was removed to fit the selector blanking cap and all the dummy pin head locations.”

 photo imagejpg6_zps34a746d0.jpg

“Motor fitment into the lower is great. Mesh adjustments were then carried out after taking several dimensions into account so the pinion gear position could be set.”

 photo imagejpg7_zps6c6db3e4.jpg