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A seasonal but apt title for a blog published today by Project PTW, about SGT’s new 416 receiver set…

“Another Project PTW first!

SGT’s Gen 2 416 is born. Or should that be resurrected? SGT has had a go at bringing a 416 to market previously. This time, they have promised perfection. But is it perfect?

This blog will be a two parter. The first part, pics of the finished product. The second part will show some of the additional work this receiver set requires.

The upper receiver was delivered semi built by the customer. Just a torque’ing of the barrel nut to RS specs and it was good to go. Sublime quality as should be expected for the price tag. Geissele SMR’s are a long time favourite here at PPTW. The fit, feel and quality is second to none. This HK SMR is if possible, one step on from the M4 version. Fit on the barrel nut is sublime. Rock solid.

This upper feels like RS quality, I dare say even RS users would struggle to tell this as an Airsoft Replica. Just to note that the SGT upper comes with a VFC rail. The SMR was sourced by the customer. The lower is a different beast and requires pro-fitting to get the best out of it. More in part 2!”

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