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Update from Robert of Kastman Design Manufacturing on the KDM AHUS V2. The AHUS is a PTW hop with a rotary adjuster, accessed from the ejection port, which utilises standard AEG barrels:

“The day is here. KDM Version 2 Advanced Hop-Up Unit (AHUS) for Systema PTW systems and their clones is done and ready to ship out.

Price is set at 99 Euro + shipping.
Previous owners will get a 10% discount.

Some info:

All parts made out of stainless steel in CNC processing.

Uses STD AEG barrel, AEG Rubber and AEG Spacer/Nub.

Original C-clip design.

Uses C-clip design to attach barrel made out of POM (Delrin) and comes in two versions one for ORGA and one for ordinary barrels as Madbull and PDI etc (one type included in package as standard).

If you want to order or want more info send KDM a PM on Facebook or a mail on and I will get back to you as soon as possible.”