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The pic at the head of the blog is from the forthcoming edition of Airsoft International Magazine and features none other than editor, Ben Webb. Ben is a true benefactor of the UK airsoft scene and if you look closely at his right arm, it features one of the new I.O.A patches.

I was gutted to bail from the recent I.O.A event at the Depot, but I keep up with the group when I can.

For those I.O.A members who may have missed this on Facebook, Lyle Berends has released details of several Gucci new patches. At a fiver a pop, they are selling out fast!

The original black patch colourway is shown below, updated with the name of the event underneath the initials. Vinyl patch left, reflective patch right:

 photo image_zps8ddef129.jpg

Each camo set below shows vinyl patch left and reflective patch right; with and without flash:

 photo image_zps941e3372.jpg
 photo image_zpsae345d5f.jpg
 photo image_zps5793e267.jpg
 photo image_zpse5069b94.jpg
 photo image_zpsb9417481.jpg
 photo image_zpsb37e1138.jpg

Contact Lyle Berends to order.