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Even if C2R wasn’t some very hot kit right now, I’d be heavily biased towards something made in a little place between Monmouth, Wales and Hereford, England.

Monmouth is where I was brought up. Hereford is, of course, famous for…being mispronounced by Robert DeNiro in the film Ronin.

Luckily, C2R kit is hot. You’d possibly know that from pics of UKSF, if they ever posed for photo opportunities. However, the original silent professionals are notoriously camera shy; so I rely on excellent sources who know things.

You can google reviews on the C2R TacPad and C2R-MOR plate carrier, but what’s got me interested in the company is their range of 500D pouches and a new business. It’s run by two well known UKSF impressionistas, and is delivering C2R into the retail market.

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Sure, Level Peaks handles the MOD supply side of things; AM-Tactical, which is Mike (Perr_Mike on the forums) and Ash (Frosty on the forums), is soon to put C2R into the hands of us mortals and those in the Armed Forces who are looking to upgrade from issued kit. Watch this space.

Anyway, I’m placing an order for one of the pouches as soon as I can to have a good look. Review to follow.