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Woo-hoo! New pics on Suzutomo’s Facebook page this morning. The 416 lowers are back from the hard anodising process and are ready to be Cerakoted and marked.

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The latter processes are something SGT does in-house, so my guess is it can’t be long until pre-order customers get EMS shipping notices.

Readers may ask why these receivers are hard anodised then Cerakoted. As I understand it, hard anodising hardens the surface of the aluminium and makes it less susceptible to scratches. This forms a solid foundation for the Cerakote. A blend of Cerakote is used, which best mimics the finish of H&K’s original.

This product has been a labour of love for Tosh of SGT. Even so, I bet he’ll be glad to see the back of it and to move onto something new.

Hellbreaker lower, anyone?

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