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Isn’t it refreshing when a manufacturer engages openly with with its customer base? Not only listening to what customers want, but delivering it with the same attention to detail that many of those customers expect of themselves. Suzutomo goes one further, building customer excitement and anticipation by providing progress pictures.

Suzutomo 416 pre-order customers will be excited by these new progress pics (above and below), seen on Facebook today.

I’m excited, anyway. I can show my wife what she bought me for Christmas 😀

“PTW 416 lower now processing. We’re buffing out the milling marks and sharp edges that shouldn’t exist, a very tedious and painstaking work especially on 7075T6 material since it’s incredibly hard duralumin, but want to make them look perfect like forged receivers. Once we finish this process motor grip area will be masked and then hard anodized.”

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