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Second time out with the Orga Flat Hop Adjuster (FHA) and Orga barrel combination and I have to say, it’s impressed me even more than it did when I gave my initial thoughts.

Once again, I evaluated the FHA on local ground – my home site, Spartan Airsoft. I know the site really well, which obviously helps with benchmarking.

In terms of sterile testing, the site has a number of targets set up at various distances and a high bench upon which to rest for more accurate shooting. It lacks the more scientific trappings often trotted out for this sort of evaluation, but we’re really only talking about musket technology and I’m actually far more interested in how a hop performs in-game. So, while I spend a bit of time on the targets setting hops and zeroing optics, I get the majority of my feedback from actual use.

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Conditions were better this time out, so I could see better at range and I recorded no fliers – which differed from my first impressions. It’s possible the hop could have bedded in fully by the end of the initial evaluation session a few weeks back. Again, I used 28s and my FPS was 350 (measured with 2s).

However, what really impressed me, yet again, was the flat trajectory along the entire length of the hop’s effective range. Predictable, flat, straight. I wasn’t the only person using an Orga FHA this time out and it gave me the opportunity to witness the hop in action from a different perspective; as well as gathering feedback from other users. Everything I heard was positive, all the way through installation to actual use.

It strikes me that ‘flat hop’ is a highly appropriate name for the FHA, quite beyond its form factor. It’s the flat trajectory the hop induces which makes it that little bit different and it’s why I’d recommend the FHA…if you like a flat trajectory. Some people don’t. It’s not the same trajectory as a Tac’d hop and that can freak some people out. As for groupings and effective range, it’s swings and roundabouts between this and my Tac’d hops.

It will be interesting to see whether the trajectory remains intrinsic to the FHA, as it becomes more well used.

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