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Exciting update on Kastman Design Manufacturing’s V2.0 hop, taken from its Facebook page:

“Main housing is done (just missing laser engraving) and the rest of the parts is estimated to be done this weekend. They really look awesome in stainless.

If everything goes according to plan they will be available for purchase late January or early February.”

This is really great news and I wish Robert of KDM all the very best with this iteration of the hop.

Just to recap, the hop features a Marui style adjustment system and takes Marui spec rubbers and nubs. However, you can also use your choice of AEG inner barrel with one of two hop variants:

“…one for PDI/Madbull/etc and one for ORGA. They will also come with one Maple Leaf hopup rubber and their Omega NUB.”

Robert has retained the AEG-style C-clip to hold the barrel in place, which is extremely useful when stripping the unit down.

Looks like the company has listened to the feedback gained from the beta release of its hop and has wisely implemented the changes suggested by users.