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When I heard about the possibility of a Hellbreaker lower for the PTW, I decided to take a closer look at the RS version. It was designed by Sharps Bros., an independent product development and manufacturing company located in Oregon, USA.

Company owner John Sharps says this about the Hellbreaker, taken from Sharps Bros. website:

“Hellbreaker is primarily an aesthetic improvement to the standard M4/AR-15 receiver. Inspired by the P40 Warhawk, the shark-like features are machined into a lengthened and beveled magazine well. We also added an integral and over-sized trigger guard. Though Hellbreaker is not likely to make you shoot faster or straighter, the impact it brings to the field is certainly unique. It takes quite a bit of CNC machine time to bring Hellbreaker’s details to life and I hope you like them. Truth be told, most folks either love or hate the design. I’m okay with both camps and enjoy hearing the opinions. I had fun designing it, I love shooting it and we spend a significant amount of time perfecting each one so you will enjoy yours too.”

The Hellbreaker is certainly a marmite lower. Polarising opinion, it’s difficult to be indifferent to it and as John Sharps says, you will either love it or hate it.

It seems to me there is more to it than just aesthetics, though. It has an extended, beveled magwell to assist speed reloads, which is also Pmag compatible. And, for magwell grabbers, the shark’s mouth affords additional grip.

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I really like the way the the trigger guard mimics the shape of the magwell’s cutout. It’s a clever design:

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Unsurprisingly, there are those who have Cerakoted their Hellbreakers, to look even more like a P40:

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The Hellbreaker is a bold, confident statement. It’ll be interesting to see how PTW users build blasters around it. With such a statement piece at the core, I think I’d be tempted to accessorize in a less-is-more way.

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