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Oh yes.

Another letter of the alphabet is about to enter the PTW market. VTW is the brand name for Vides Arms’ interpretation of the platform.

Vides Arms is a new, boutique, Austrian start up company. I first heard of Vides Arms on Instagram (IG), where they posted pics of their own model cylinder, receivers and some interesting carbon fibre components.

Today, I saw a post on IG to say Vides’ website was soon to go live.

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

It seemed like a good time to ask for more information about the company and its products. Chris of Vides was happy to help.

“We thought, how could we introduce standard AEG players to the TW platform? To that end we built the VTW ECO which will retail for 749€. Naturally, the quality of the materials is not the best you have ever seen. But we think there will be many people who will be happy to get a good quality TW for such a good price.

The ECO Version is very basic. It includes only what is needed. There’s no rail system, its a basic polymer handguard. We recommend users change the stock barrel on this model to an EdGI or Orga Barrel.”

Chris mentioned that VTWs will be shipped without mags and without cylinders to keep costs down. Aside from the ECO, it appears there are two other VTW versions: the Pro and the Premium. All three products utilise Vides Arms’ own gearbox shell.

“We make the gearbox shell ourselves. Because we don’t have that much money for starting the business we have partnered with another company, which has two 300.000€ CNC milling machines. The internal gearbox parts are a mix of FCC and Systema.

Of our VTWs, The Premium version is the top of the range, but it also has a pretty good price – 1499€. The Pro is the mid-range version. It costs 899€.

The Pro has externals like a rail, grips etc and also the FCC 3.0. motor, which we do not use on the ECO version. The Pro is better than the ECO, but still a compromise.

Our Premium Version inludes our own/modded hop up, Orga or EdGi barrel, high quality externals and our modded fet. And there’s one difference with the gearbox here – the Premium uses Kanzen Bearings.

At the moment, customers will have the option to preorder our products. Everyone who preorders will get a Vides Arms Cylinder, for free.

Our other services will be similar to Project PTW and we will work on PTWs/CTWs/VTWs/DTWs.”

A European company manufacturing a PTW clone is without precedent and I’ll be watching developments closely. It will also be interesting to see if Vides Arms can bring a good quality, low priced model to the market; and do this whilst avoiding the pitfalls of those from the Far East which have preceded it.

Chris adds,

“The unique thing about our Generation 1 VTWs is not just the finish etc. It’s the fact that you buy a gun, which works perfectly out of the box.”