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I read a great blog today by Project PTW and it’s re-blogged here, because a agree with everything in it; it’s pretty much what I do myself.

However, it’s worth noting that the following advice on mag maintenance is based on the use of OEM Systema mags.

Over to Stu from PPTW…

“Mags don’t look after themselves. If you’re not inclined to get your mags checked over by someone who knows how, here are a few pointers for trouble-free feeding.

Don’t lube your mags!

I could leave it there.

If you read Systema’s instructions on mag maintenance, the bit about squirting silicone everywhere is wrong.

The mags do not need lubricating and it also traps dirt and dust – the PTW’s nemesis. Dust and dirt will jam the mags and then transfer to the BBs, then the hop, then the barrel – not good. Don’t do it. People may say that it works great. They may honestly believe that. But all it’s doing is masking a fault elsewhere in the mag/hop/barrel. It is not a solution.

Cleanliness is next to godliness. Keep your mags clean. If you do drop a mag feed first into mud, then it will need to be cleaned before you use it again. This guide won’t go into the full details of stripping the mags down, it’s a job that is simple enough if you are that way inclined. If not, quit while you’re ahead and get someone in who is competent.

As a rule, you should never need to strip your mags down if you maintain them properly. Stripping a mag is the sign of an accident, or poor mag maintenance behaviours. Again, don’t include stripping as any part of your routine. It’s an extreme measure.

Over time, mags can get a little beaten up on the feed port. Essentially, obvious things to look out for are deformations to the BB exit. If its not uniform in size and shape, the BB cannot smoothly exit into the hop.”

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“To combat this, take your loading rod (supplied with your PTW) and ease it into an empty mag (best to remove the BB teardrop follower). Push the rod down inside the mag just short of the length of the mag (as seen above). This is as far as it will go, do not push it further than this, use minimum effort. There should be little to no resistance, only the spring weight. Use the rod to now reform the BB exit hole. Move the rod in and out applying pressure front to back as shown below.”

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“A little side to side movement is ok but do not apply unnecessary force on the feed lips. Do this until you are happy with the shape of the BB exit hole.”

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“Damage to feed lips is accelerated by dirt and dust – it acts like sandpaper. The lips can be removed and checked for deformation. If they are badly misshaped then they need to be replaced. Sometimes, but not every time, they can be lightly sanded back to shape and re-used.

With the inner mag removed,follow the below procedure. Once the feed lips are removed assess for damage and rectify or replace.

1: Remove the spring by flicking the bottom with a pointy object.

2: Try not to loose it put it safe to one side.

3: Push the feed lip (noting which way it fits) from the BB side out. It should be free but not overly loose.”

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