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We’re very quick nowadays, to buy ready made custom PTWs – whether that involves the addition of Block II accoutrements, or something more civilian. Or, if not a custom build straight off the bat, the build’s development is often accelerated by the sheer number of PTW compatible rails and accessories on the market nowadays.

However, anyone who hasn’t played with an M4A1 PTW as it comes, vanilla, is missing out on experiencing an extremely well balanced, pointable blaster. A Block I impression is probably the closest most people get to it.

Sailun has gone the other way with his build; choosing to twist the classic carbine form factor with modern, civilian styling. It’s thoughtfully done, because the receiver set is an LE one and a very nice set at that. Check out the pics and see how the trades look ‘punched’ in. Awesome. Or, compare the style of the trades to this RS example:

 photo 2A1DD905-E78E-4B9F-8850-5BAB39175ECD_zpslfrcog7f.jpg

This build retains the balance and handling characteristics of a classic carbine, but replaces the plastic handguard with a modern, slim, tube rail. And, of course, the iconic A2 front sight is also retained. This has a disproportionate effect on the look of the gun and is rare in an age of folding BUIS or, even, no BUIS at all.

 photo BFBEE4B1-3186-44B5-B376-5590D59EEB5C_zpsco7zar8u.jpg
 photo 358601AF-4F36-477E-A51D-7C57A5842962_zpstjgaimxc.jpg
 photo 30E017EB-055A-4F28-82D8-3D6312EA81A5_zpsttje4ywc.jpg
 photo 750CC4A7-DCEE-4D8F-9B67-E21FC7164689_zpshsz86bwy.jpg

This is a format I’ve played around with myself, so I know how well Sailun’s blaster will handle. Here’s my effort:

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos