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A very impressive HSP kit from Suzutomo, spotted on their Facebook page and yet another labour of love odyssey for frontman Tosh:

“Wow, it was a year long journey getting this together and make a close to RS Jack Carbine build for PTW. This has pretty much RS parts all around, and is also coated with real Disruptive Grey. Probably, this is the only *true* PTW Jack Carbine Build in the whole world. Get the WML-HSP and Thorntail offset, and its golden! Unfortunately BCM Mod1 grip can not be modded for PTW motor angle, probably have to use MIAD grip instead.

I hope to show all of you a complete build, but lets see how things go since this will go on sale.”

 photo DD60679F-A116-48D1-8F0B-1F4ECD912EC6_zpsg3ln7u9c.jpg

Whoever buys this, I’d love to see pics of the finished item. Check out the rest of the pics. I never tire of seeing this kind of expert finishing – especially the forge markings on the upper.

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