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This is what I like to hear from any PTW user:

“This is the best pic I can get, since the money went into the blaster and I neglected the camera!”

Perfect prioritisation!

I spotted TZ_12’s blaster on Instagram and it’s one of the first full mil implementations I’ve seen using the new Eagle Eye 416 kit:

“The 416 is made by Eagle Eye, with Systema and FCC Internals. I got the kit from Project PTW, out of dumb luck. A friend went to the UK and picked it up for me.

Just before I got the kit, my old PTW – a Mk18 Block II – gave up during a game. I had to get a new gearbox and a new motor core. Since the 416 was on the way home to Sweden from the UK, I decided to get an Ambidextrous gearbox, to do the 416 justice.

I ended up replacing pretty most of the other internal parts as well.”

Here’s the parts list for the gun and notice that TZ_12 has gone for a ‘Shady’ style no-BUIS look:


“Systema 490a Motor w/ FCC 3.0 core
Systema Ambidextrous Gearbox (MAX)
E-tiny ECU, PCU and Selectorboard
FCC Advanced Hopup Unit
Standard Systema Inner Barrel”


“Magpul ASAP*
AAC Mini-4*
Surefire 600c*
S&S Lowpro Mount for 300/600c*
AN/PEQ 15*
EOTech EXPS 3*
FCC Magpul MOE Pistol Grip
Magpul CTR Stock
Magpul RVG
Magpul PMAG (Modified)
US Tactical Sewing AOR1 Padded Sling


I was also interested to find out more about TZ_12’s team, after seeing pics on Facebook:

“Our team name is Seal Team: Zero. We have been playing together for about six months as a team, but some of us have played togeather since 2011.

If the name does not reveal enough, we are going for an NSW impression. Our ambition is to bring milsim to the next level, therefore we focus on things like climbing, rappelling, tactics and radio communication.

We have ex-mil and currently serving personel in the team (Including myself).”

The team’s YouTube channel is:

…and their Facebookpage is:

Head over and give them some likes! Thanks to TZ_12 for his words and pics.

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