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I’ve been talking to Michael online for quite some time, but it wasn’t until my first Hit Takers game at Copehill back in June that we finally met.

Michael’s 416 was one of the awesome blasters which made me want my own 416, so I already knew he had great taste. However, I was absolutely staggered by the extent of his vision in architecting this build…

“The watchwords for this build were: light, spartan and functional. I have done the mil build thing and wanted to do something different. I love mil builds (my other PTW is an FCC 416) but I was intrigued by the Mil-Civ trend being seen in the wild.

The build really started with the rail. I had not been a fan of the aesthetics of tubes, preferring the look of a fully loaded milspec rail. However, it was Rich (TRH) who made me overcome my prejudices. Having seen his NSR at one of the Hit Takers games, I was immediately hooked and it gave me the start of the inspiration for this build.”

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“I was immediately struck by the spartan nature of the rail. Most of a mil rail is unused and just adds extra weight. A tube eliminates this and feels great in the hand – allowing a comfortable grip without needing a VFG or AFG.

I also loved the simplicity of the Keymod attachment points on the NSR which were perfect for the only accessory I need on the side: a torch. I play mainly CQB and many of the sites are dark (pitch black in places at my local site – disused underground tunnels at EAG Epsom). I opted for a Surefire Scoutlight as they are light but powerful.”

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“The outer barrel is a Dytac aluminium civilian profile coupled with a low profile FCC gas block. I have swapped all of my outer barrels on my uppers for aluminium as the steel OEM barrel adds much of the weight to a PTW. For a light-weight build of this type, an aluminium outer barrel is a must.

Having chosen an NSR, I decided to match it with a Noveske upper and lower. This fits with the general build plan well because the Gen 2 lower has a flared magwell (just like the 416) which reduces the chances of a fumbled mag change.

Continuing the functional theme, I am a huge fan of the FCC race trigger. The flat blade reduces the travel of the trigger and the Bad Ass selector is extra chunky and easy to locate with gloves on. The perfect parts for this build. The grip is a Hogue Beavertail in tan expertly modded by PPTW for the PTW. Others have raved about the standard Hogue and I look forward to trying this as a replacement to the Storm Grips that I usually favour.”

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“The Magpul CTR needs no introdution: it is a low drag classic and just works. The same is true of the ASAP plate – perfect for changing shoulders quickly in a CQB environment when coupled with a Magpul MS3 or Blackhawk! chalker sling attached to a rig. The T1 also fits the build nicely – compact, functional and low drag.

I wanted a tan gun because I play with the Tunnel Rats who wear desert colours (usually Desert Marpart/AOR1). While I like sprayed guns, I wanted clean tan look that would be durable. The solution came in the form of Cerakoting the gun. After some much welcomed mentoring from Project PPTW, we decided that Cerakoting all parts tan would look too monolithic. A few of the parts were left black as a contrast. A great job by Suzutomo who also preserved the Noveske trades on the upper.

The finished product:”

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“Special builds should live in special cases. I went for a Peli 1720 with the foam cut for the PTW, 10 Pmags, a pistol and 2 mags and batteries. Fully loaded ☺”

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“A huge thanks to Stu at PPTW who built this for me and offered expert mentoring on a whole range of things from which parts to choose, to Cerakote, to selling me some Hogue goodness.

Parts List

– RS Noveske NSR 9”
– FCC Noveske Gen 2 Lower
– Prime Noveske MUR upper
– Repro Aimpoint T1
– RS Rainer Arms Raptor charging handle
– Dytac civilian CQB outer barrel (modded by PPTW)
– FCC low profile gas block
– Orga inner barrel and hop unit made by PPTW
– RS Hogue Beavertail in tan modded for PTW by PPTW
– RS Magpul CTR and cheek riser in FDE
– Magpul PTS ASAP plate for PTW
– RS Milspec buffer tube with lipo mods
– Replica Surefire scoutlight
– OEM 2008 Systema internals (originally modded by Tackleberry)”

A big thanks to Michael for his contribution to my blog – I didn’t need to change a word!

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