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Picked up an LBT two point padded sling, from Project PTW. Well priced and fast shipping.

I’ve not used anything but a PIG Dropslider single point sling for some years, so this is going to be interesting. I’ll be using it on my Eagle Eye 416, with a CQD sling mount up front.

This sling has plenty of fans in the milsim community, because it’s regularly seen in use with tier 1 SOF.

The pad is enclosed in 330D and it’s that soft, supple but extremely tough and high quality Cordura which the top US brands use.

The sling has an easy to use tab, which can be used to cinch your blaster close, when climbing over obstacles or handling ‘prisoners’ (I don’t go in for that sort of thing, myself, but handy to know!)

The HK snap clips at either end of the sling are really robust and heavy. And very black. It looks like Cerakote or powder coat as opposed to anodising. I’ve not seen snap clips of this quality before. The clips incorporate the usual large hole, so one clip can snap into the other when you want to go single point.

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