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My friend Lyle picked up a couple of the new T1 protectors from Guns Modify. We’ve both been using FCC’s offering, but Lyle is always on the lookout for the perfect solution.

He thinks this is the best solution so far:

“I was confident that this would be a quality product, due to using Guns Modify’s Eotech protectors for a year now and no issues.

Upon opening the package, assembly was self explanatory.

The sacrificial lense is extremely thick, strong and crystal clear. However the protective film was a real bitch to remove on one side.

No faffing with double sided sticky tape, like the FCC protector: simply pop the two o-rings in after the lens.”

 photo 062517094391699951c9b_zpse8cb5014.jpg

“The metal shroud of the protector is extremely well made and extremely robust, with a high quality finish. Whereas the FCC one feels rather flimsy to me.

Finally, I tested the protector with my 500 FPS sniper on my RS H1. There is not even as much as a scratch on the sacrificial lens.

So far, so good. Guns Modify FTW.”

Thanks Lyle!