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How high can the bar go? I’d be very surprised if this build is equalled, let alone surpassed, any time soon. But it awes and inspires in equal measure; spurring others to surpass themselves in delivering creative, tasteful builds. Two qualities which this build has in bucket loads.

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The first rule of a stylish civilian build is: do not attempt to make a showcase out of every single item. If just one component was out of place on this build – a showy flash hider, or some look-at-me cool guy BUIS, perhaps – the whole would not be as tasteful and impactive. It’s about knowing when NOT to go big, so the showcase items can deliver their awesomeness and be appreciated. The showcase items here are the SMR and the BCM receiver set. Everything else has been tasteful picked to complement those big hitters.

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This build idea didn’t have to work. Someone showed a lot of vision and took a risk to see it through. The build takes a winning formula as its template (the HSP Jack Carbine) and twists it into a CQBR style.

It also plays with colour: the Disruptive Grey Cerakote of the lower juxtaposes the deep, lustrous graphite black upper. This cleverly references the Two Tone look of dropped-in mil uppers, seen In The Wild. It’s an homage, delivered in such a way that it’s fresh and totally sympathetic to the build as a whole.

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It’s a truly great blaster, from the awesome paint and trades to the choice of details – like the Troy Micro BUIS. Project PTW and the build’s owner, Ade, should be congratulated for delivering such synergy and simpatico in a build.

And it has a Hogue!

I’m inspired.

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